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    • CommentAuthorMorel Nova
    • CommentTimeFeb 26th 2009 edited
    0.0 GANG SHIP FITTING BASICS - Or, "Why does my mission drake suck?"

    The aim of this article is to give an idea of how ships should be fitted for fleets and an understanding of why that is (imho anyway :-)). The points I'm making are general and there will always be exceptions of course, also a lot of these are a bad idea for solo fits (but not always) and lowsec fighting under sentry guns.

    * Always fit an afterburner or microwarp to frigates
    ABs are prefered unless you are a dedicated tackler and need to close fast because they keep your sig radius low and stops the enemy from hitting you at all. interceptors outside solo work should always have mwds as they get a bonus to counter this.
    Going without any form of propulsion is not an option..

    * Always fit a microwarp drive to cruisers and up
    Afterburners are too slow and when you land in a bubble and need to get out they wont be enough.
    The only exceptions are falcons and Heavy Interdictors in big engagements.

    * Damage is king
    Killing the enemy before he kills you is the best defense, everyone in a combat ship should fit at least 2 damage mods, preferably 3.

    * fit tackle. We cant kill anything if it warps off so put a warp disruptor on every combat ship in a fleet < 5 people. For bigger fleets this can be relaxed for fitting ewar etc, but *not* for more tank.

    * Fit electronic warfare if you have spare slots
    The more ewar we have the less the enemy can fight back. Dedicated ECM ships like blackbird/falcon are fantastic, but dont forget that everyone can carry ewar. Dronebays can hold ECM drones (EC-600/EC-300 vespas) which are great for small gangs. ECM modules dont work well unless fitted on dedicated ECM ships, but a lot of other ewar does. Tracking disruptors are awesome for screwing up range/tracking of enemy turret ships and are great to put on if you have a spare midslot. Dampeners are more specialized and generally not fitted. Neutralizers are something that should be fitted on every battleship that have free highslots.

    * Tanks are useless
    The bigger the gang is the more useless your tank is. Especially active tanks (armor repper, shield booster). Most engagements last less than 1 minute and the incoming dps will be multiple times that what even battleships can tank so you are better off fitting for buffer so you can live long enough to run away are try and kill more of the enemy before you die. If you want to rep up between fights put an armor repper in your cargo hold or have a buddy with a remote repper (can be offline if fit tight). shields rep themselves given time.

    There is 2 exceptions to this: remote rep gangs with battleships (they use multiple remote reps to outrep multiple incoming dps) and assault frigates with ABs (small and take very little damage even from many enemies)

    Priority order when fitting a new ship:
    1. Fit the guns you want.
    2. Fit a microwarp.
    3. fit at least 2 damage mods.
    4. fit a warp disruptor, or a scrambler if you have a fast ship.
    5. fit a tank in leftover slots.

    If you havent download The Eve Fitting Tool ->link<- It makes testing different fits a breeze.

    Examples To Prove My Point - Drake

    The standard missionrunner 800+dps monster passive tank Drake is probably the worst gang ship in the game because:
    1. Everyone knows drakes have good tanks so you will be left to last in a fight by the enemy and then killed when all your buddies are dead. its even useless as bait because if someone sees a drake on a gate they assume its bait immediately because of their reputation as tankers.
    2. it never has a microwarp so in best case you get left behind and slowly killed, or in worst case your friends wait for you or go back to save you and die.
    3. while you are sitting there behind your monster tank and your buddies die around you, you are as much use as a frigate because of your horrible, horrible dps.
    4. it doesn't have tackle so it cant even hold the enemy down.

    How To fix: do a gank setup and fit 3 damage mods, warp disruptor and microwarp. you will still have more tank than all other battlecruisers. And stay away from purge rigs like the plague.

    I'll do followups for big battleship fleets, RR and POS bashing at some later time.